Soul Identity is a power trio founded by Shiro Nobunaga who has an extensive career which started in the Hollywood scene at the age of 15. After his stint in the LA scene, he went on to establish himself as an player, singer/songwriter, and a producer with extensive tours, recordings, and 3 major releases in Japan.  His soulful guitar, heavily influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Neal Schon, coupled with his passionate voice succeed in expressing a deeply personal vulnerability that connects with the audience.  And Shiro’s live performance, fueled by raw passion and energy, always turn heads.

Aside from the originals, Soul Identity pays tribute to various artists such as aforementioned Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, and John Mayer along with array of classic rock and R&B covers.  However, Soul Identity covers are often times infused with an original touch that adds a new layer to these classic hits.
Based in Orange County, Soul Identity, gives 110% to every live performance and is committed to leaving it all on the stage and also embracing charitable events as they debuted in an event, “OC Loves Japan”, at the House of Blues of Anaheim.  “The triple disaster in Japan in March 2011 was the trigger for us to debut. We felt we can do something to help.  We all believe that music can influence the world in a positive way” said Shiro.

Soul Identity is available to play in all types of settings from bars, outdoor events, clubs, and arenas. You can count on one thing. When Soul Identity plays, people feel their music, their passion, and…their soul.